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Web Vulnerability-Based Spear PhishingA Modern Combination of Tools in Cyberterrorism

I have contributed to CRC Press' "Online Terrorist Propaganda, Recruitment, and Radicalization". This chapter describes a number of different techniques that modern attackers use to enh [...]

Hardware TOTP tokens with time synchronization

Although many users nowadays prefer to use mobile applications for TOTP, there are still use cases for separate/isolated standalone hardware TOTP devices. For various technical restrictions, such as t [...]

How to use hardware tokens with Azure MFA

While hosted MFA server (Azure MFA Server) supports any TOTP tokens, however, cloud Azure MFA is currently not supported. Microsoft has announced that this feature is currently in development, but the [...]

Beacon Authpath: Augmented Human Path Authentication

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons are being deployed in smart cities, especially to augment the shopping experience of customers in real outlets. Thus, humans, as they walk in cities, pass by differe [...]

Enhancing RADIUS-based multifactor-factor authentication systems with RESTful API for self-service enrolment

Two-factor authentication can significantly reduce risks of compromised accounts by protecting from the majority of password-leak based attacks. RADIUS protocol is a popular method of providing the se [...]

Autoattendant for Lync/Skype for Business

 FreeSwitchAA for S4B Not really a security product, but thought will be useful. There is no Autoattendant feature available with MS Lync/SfB, the solution recommended by MS is to use Exchange UM [...]

Citrix StoreFront 3.0 and HTML5 client

UPDATE: Added changes for Classic interface mode. Citrix StoreFront 3.0 (and a few previous versions) come with a nice HTML5 client option, which to me seems stable and usable enough. However, Citrix [...]

WifiOTP : Pervasive Two-Factor. Authentication Using Wi-Fi SSID. Broadcasts.

My research paper was presented @ITU Kaleidoscope 2015 conference and published in its proceedings.  Source codes for windows version are published on my github account.

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Google authenticator for Citrix StoreFront
Google authenticator for Citrix Web Interface 5.4
MOTP App with QR based enrolment

Two-factor authentication for Citrix Web Interface 5.x – Pure ASP/C# Implementation

Captcha for Citrix Web Interface 5.x

MOTP Passtore

2FA with Face recognition


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