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Google Authenticator for Citrix

Google Authenticator for Citrix Web Interface 5.4.x
A WI customization package that allows Dual Factor Authentication for Citrix Web Interface 5.4.x using Google Authenticator App.

Top Features

No additional servers required

GAWI is based on Web Interface customization, so no additional server (e.g. Radius) is required

Self enrolment

With Pro version, users can enable second factor authentication themselves with no administrative intervention required

Free version

Fully functional free version is available to download. The only feature missing is self enrolment.

Pro Version

Pro version enables the self enrolment feature. It also includes one year of support and installation services if required.


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nice one...works like a charm downloading via chrome. solution works perfectly as well....very nice


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Hi, this works well. I can manage the transition period ... without much trouble


Choose your version

Free Version


  • User enrolment
    Admin only
  • Installation
    Downloadable Installer
  • Support
    Public discussion
Free Version

Pro Version


  • User enrolment
    Admin or User self enrolment
  • Installation
    Installer or Remote installation
  • Support
    Email support
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