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MOTP Passtore - Online Password Manager with two factor authentification

This project is actually about 3 years old, and I havent really reviewed the code very carefully. However, I thought it might be useful , so I decided to publish the source code on Google code.


MOTP Passtore - Online Password Manager with two factor authentification

MOTP Passtore gives you the tools to organize your passwords all in one place. Easy to access and even more secure. Your passwords will be kept on the server encrypted by passcode known by you only. Your Passtore account can only be accessed using onetime passwords (OTP) which completely mitigates the threat of keylogger and similar type trojans, as well as the man-in-the-middle attacks. mOTP is used as a second factor authentification, so you only need your mobile phone to increase your security

Demo available Demo

Google Code project page


Some screenshoots:


User page (Passcards*)


* As a sample protected content, I have developed a password manager that can store your passwords in encrypted format (an MD5 hash of your passphrase is used) and provide possibility of "direct login"** - when clicking on direct login script decrypts the stored password and redirects to the target.

** Direct logins do not work with Google accounts yet (google implemented some additional security)

Templates can be modified and added  in conf.php


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