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MyTOTP HTML5 TOTP App for PhoneGap/Cordova

Presenting a simple HTML5 app template for your own TOTP mobile app , feel free to customize as you wish

So, you implemented two-factor authentication on you system using mobile application, but you do not want to use someone else’s mobile application? You can easily create and publish your own. In this article, I will show how to create a full-featured mobile application , fully compatible withTOTP RFC standard. Most systems usually recommend Google Authenticator, which is open source, but you need to have some sort of mobile app development skills to implement your own. With Phonegap, no such skills are needed.

Components to be used:

  • MyTOTP HTML5 application (a simple open source app – created for this article)
  • An adobe account (to be used with build.phonegap service)
  • A phonegap plugin – Barcodescanner (no installation/download required, will be dynamically added by build.phonegap). We need this plugin in order to read TOTP provisioning QR codes
  • Developer accounts on Apple Appstore and Google Play if you want to publish your app

Step 1. Install PhoneGap on your system and create an empty app

a) Download and install NodeJS

b) Open Command prompt and run npm install -g phonegap

c) Create a folder in your system and CD to it (“cd C:\MyApp\”)

d) Run phonegap create my-app . Your project's path will become C:\MyApp\my-app . Remember to navigate to this folder in your command prompt session when running build commands.

Step 2. Copy HTML5 application to phonegap project

Download zip file from GitHub. Copy contents to the www folder of your project (overwrite all files)

Step 3. Modify the config file

Open config.xml of you project and add the following line:

<gap:plugin name="com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner" version="2.0.0" />

this will enable the Barcodescanner plugin in your application. Copy config.xml to www folder

Step 4. Build the application

a) Login to phonegap using phonegap remote login (register on – free account should be enough)

b) From the project directory (not www) run phonegap remote build android

c) Login to and download your APK

You will need to configure signing certificates to create release packages (otherwise it will be debug APKs)

Have a look at the demo here

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