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New project : OpenID Provider with strong authentication

Why do I need it

Working on my master’s thesis, and this will be a part of the research - I have almost finished the product itself:  an open source OpenID Provider with two-factor authentication written in PHP.

Additionally, as a part of the project I will develop an OTP app for Android (and may be for iOS and Blackberry as well) which will be a hybrid of Mobile-OTP and Google Authenticator

Why do I need a new OTP App

I am fine with the level of security Mobile-OTP provides, however the OTPs it produces are not very convinient to type (they are substrings of MD5 hashes), whereas Google Authenticator is generating digits only OTPs, but cannot be protected by an  additional PIN. My app will be a fork of Google Authenticator, but with PIN code to be entered to generate OTPs.

More details coming soon (including full source codes for all components)



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